POTTERY COURSES in 2018-2019

coming soon…


All levels and abilities – LIMITED TO 4 PEOPLE PER COURSE

2 sessions a day:   10am – 1pm  / 3pm – 6pm

1-week course, 1 session a day: 350€

1-week course, 2 sessions a day: 600€

This price includes clay, glazing and kiln-firing costs

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These lessons are given at the workshop  Monday and Saturday,

in the first week of each month, October to Jully

Lessons for the whole day, 10am – 6pm

Limited to 5 people per lesson

PRICES for year-round subscription

You can choose the rhythm that suits you, from 1 day a month to 6 days a month, and choose the day or days that suit you best.

85 € for the whole day

Commitment to 10 months training, September to June

Clay, glazing and kiln-firing costs extra

PRICES for ad-hoc subscription, depending on places available

120 € a day

Clay, glazing and kiln-firing costs extra



Set among the sparkling seas and white sands of Douarnenez Bay, this is the perfect place to learn ceramics and enjoy the whole experience. My welcoming workshop is in a tranquil spot above the sea, with plenty of space for pottery lessons and courses.

Whether you’re here for a taster session, to work on your technique, to try your hand at something new or perhaps to train so that you can explore a completely new career, I’ll adapt according to your aims and your current level, whether you’re a complete beginner or already an experienced potter.

New workshop address from 1st October 2016:

2 impasse Théodore Doaré – Eglise de Tréboul – 29100 Douarnenez – FRANCE


Creating ceramics on a wheel is a

complex, demanding, fascinating and sensual activity.

It’s a wonderful way to work on your body and your core self.

Let go of any tension and be completely absorbed, working in harmony with your own energy.

It’s a subtle, satisfying balance.

The early stages of the learning process are very structured, ensuring a stable, supportive environment. Initially, it’s about discovering the mechanics of throwing on a wheel, centring, movement and dynamics.

Over time, with perseverance and patience, we develop our stability and develop a stronger relationship between our thoughts and our movement so that working with clay on the wheel becomes like a choreographed sequence.

My lessons focus on our intelligence and ability to rediscover the natural link between our thoughts and our sensations.

This is an experience that also teaches us a great deal about ourselves.


The early stages are very structured, but after several lessons, each person begins to create the shapes that he or she desires. I accompany and support you to build and develop your own individual path through this learning process.

Anyone who takes to the wheel finds his or her own unique way through the process to reach their goals and to discover or define their own tastes.

The finished pieces are glazed at the workshop from a variety of glazes that I make available to all my students. We use the dipping technique. Everyone learns how to glaze and prepare their pieces for the final firing.

The work is then fired at the workshop and students can take home their unique creations!